You are missing the point of 12th Fail

The danger of 12th Fail type movie is that it will give a false hope to the 99% who are bound to fail by the design of a system. They will waste their time, and put the whole burden of the failure on themselves, as the theory keeps telling them that harder-work would have made them win that lottery. That’s a terrible lie to believe in.

Rather there are other beautiful things to focus in that movie, like the way he explained during the interview that I don’t care if I get the job or not, I will go back to my village and be a teacher for those children, the impact would have been the same, no regrets, fully content with a big smile 😊

^^That is where you should focus on, the bigger picture, the impact, and specially the relentless smile with the courage to do the right thing and to take things lightly. It is not about being in the lucky 1%; nop, hard-work alone cannot take you there, the universe doesn’t work that way. Hard-work equals to success—is a false narrative, don’t believe in that bs. In fact, you don’t need the so called success to begin with, all you need is happiness. They are two very different things.

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