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Group video calls

You Thought Zoom Is Insecure?—So Is (Almost) Every Other Group Video Calling Service!

[Stock photo stolen from TechCrunch] Recently you may have heard about Zoom’s security issues. They are true. Zoom’s video calls are not secure, they are not fully encrypted. But the bigger truth is, neither the others!—except Apple’s FaceTime. One-to-one video calls are secure on a few platforms (like Signal). But group video calls are difficult …

Facebook security

How to Secure Your Facebook Account from Being “Hacked”

[Last updated on 29th September, 2022]In the wake of an epidemic of hacked Facebook accounts, here are my suggestions about saving your account from getting “hacked” Understanding: 1. Often, your Facebook doesn’t get hacked, it is not about your Facebook’s password either, rather possibly it is your email or your phone that gets ‘hacked’. It …