Bluetooth’s uncomfortable position and two simple questions

Bluetooth vs USB DongleSome technology just won’t pick up! Bluetooth being one of the prime examples. It is there, with an uncomfortably inept attitude in the technology world. Bluetooth is not dying anytime soon, it is not picking up the momentum either, for quite a long time, almost ever since its birth in 1994 at Ericsson.

Without going into the big discussion of Bluetooth ecosystem and where is it heading; two annoying questions that bug me more than anything else about this matter are:

1. Why do we still have 2.4Ghz USB dongles to connect mouse, keyboards and other peripherals? I’d really like someone to enlighten me about this! There is Bluetooth for decades, then who came up with this ridiculous idea of the USB dongles for connecting ‘wireless’ peripherals? Why can’t they simply connect over Bluetooth? Why do I have to waste a valuable USB port for a task that could have been done without any physical object pushed through my computer’s ports?

The Bluetooth SIG Adopter Membership is free, you don’t have to pay a price to use Bluetooth logo or branding or declaring your product as a Bluetooth device. Then why on earth the 2.4 Ghz dongles were ever invented?

2. Why don’t the desktop boards come with a Bluetooth chip built in?Desktop boards have no issue of space per se, they have plenty of real-estate for adding additional cards, chips, ports etc. Still, none of the typical desktop motherboards come with any wireless network chips built-in! I always wondered why, and couldn’t find any answer. It takes less than 0.25 square-inch space to install a Bluetooth chip, and also a WiFi chip, still they won’t. You will have to buy USB dongles for these wireless protocols to use on clone desktop machines. The height of absurdity that won’t just die.

If you have any insight or answers about these please add those in the comments! Thank you 🙂

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