Month: July 2020

Art from data — Aaron Koblin, TED

Art Without Media and Artists

Art—generated from data, Aaron Koblin/TED Art is now taking new turns. In the metamorphosis of art, new characters and catalysts are emerging into the play where the individual medium and artists are gradually becoming insignificant than before. Like artificial intelligence in technology, art itself is turning into an independent catalyst of this transformation, and is …

The History of the Future — Photo by Abdul Momin

The History of the Future

[Photo © Abdul Momin] History is a philosophical and political statement or opinion, and it is invariably incomplete. It is never absolute, and will always invoke a range of responses, from outright rejection to enthusiastic support, depending on who the narrator, and who the readers are. We have learned to accept the incompleteness of history …

Group video calls

You Thought Zoom Is Insecure?—So Is (Almost) Every Other Group Video Calling Service!

[Stock photo stolen from TechCrunch] Recently you may have heard about Zoom’s security issues. They are true. Zoom’s video calls are not secure, they are not fully encrypted. But the bigger truth is, neither the others!—except Apple’s FaceTime. One-to-one video calls are secure on a few platforms (like Signal). But group video calls are difficult …