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Digital Security and Privacy 101 with Mohammad Tauheed

Digital Security and Privacy is a philosophical concept, not technical. It is more about the choices, and decision making, and from there—the techniques of it. Once you know what you should know, the rest of it—you can learn yourself. That’s why it is important to understand the basics of what to ask for, and where to look for the common vulnerabilities.

DSP101 is a series of online classes that gives you better understanding of your digital surroundings and how to make it safer. This would help you consciously decide about “what to sacrifice or how much to give up” to whom, how to manage the a balancing act of private information, along with general security for your devices and digital services in everyday practice, and also special circumstances when you may have to operate anonymously.

There will be 5 online classes, focusing on 4 major chapters:

1. How the Internet works
Understanding the core functions and terminologies of the Internet that would help you identify privacy and security issues with better clarity, example: how the IP addresses and DNS work, different types of encryption methods, device fingerprinting and trackers etc.

2. Improving everyday practices

Concepts, checklists and tasks for improving the security for everyday life including routers, cameras, mobile phones, computers and other devices, and how to secure them, online, offline, at home, at work and in public places. Also the ideal everyday practices for reducing your overall digital footprints and meta-data.

3. How to hide your ass online

In special circumstances if you need to communicate anonymously, securely or secretly for personal or professional necessity, learn how! Also learn to beat the most persistent trackers of social media giants.

4. The Secret Chapter
😉 You won’t know this part until you sign up.

The content is targeted for any conscious user of the Internet from any background.

Read the article titled “A quick digital security guide: 4 tips to keep you safe” coauthored with Sarah-Jane Saltmarsh on Medium

Program details:
Duration: One week [5 online classes, about 2 hours each, minimum 10 hours. The length may increase depending on the capacity of the participants]
Dates: Yet to schedule, sign up, then as soon as the group is about 5-6 people, I will discuss with the group and set dates.
Time: 20:10—22:15 Dhaka (15:10 London, 10:10 New York, 07:10 San Francisco). This two can be changed based on the group’s preference.
Feefor your commitment to learn:
৳2,125 BDT / $25 USD for the whole program. You will receive the payment-method information once you sign up.
Size of the class: Maximum 10 people.
Can anyone attend? – Yes, it is “almost” first come first serve, open until the spots are filled.
Language of Instruction: English or Bengali, depending on the group’s demography/preference.

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