Day 1 of Dhaka Art Summit 2018

Dhaka Art Summit is one of the big events I look forward to! It’s one of those defining festivals of Dhaka that makes this city proud. I feel proud myself to be able to visit this show in my own town!

I like the fact that how they keep it completely open, no tickets, no registration, anyone can simply just walk in. This is exactly what I miss nowadays in most fancy places and events in Dhaka. That simply-walk-in comfort, without much of the annoying security protocols and nuisances, aha, no flinging of those useless, stupid metal detector wands.

Also the types of people who come in here is remarkable. I think brining in new people who would have never visited an art exhibition is a critical measuring point of a show like this. Which DAS2018 has ‘somewhat’ managed to do well. I saw people talking selfies (which is ok!) who I could tell from overheard mutters that they absolutely have no idea about what is going on here. Well, that’s the power and beauty of art, that it is just there, for literally anyone to see, hear, observe, experience and interpret the way they want.

And here comes the play of diversity! This year, DAS2018 is quit diverse! It’s a lovely set of curation, ranging from obvious to out-right daring. Here is the link to the programme brochure to give you some clue. Dhaka Art Summit aptly doesn’t confine itself in a traditional shell of what we used to know as ‘art.’ It embraces various media including music, video, architecture etc. although, I would not say it is something radical. DAS is still conservative at a global scale, but for Dhaka it is quite an eye-opener rebellion for local art scene.

Samdani Art Foundation deserves praise and thanks for creating, nurturing and funding such a remarkable show of an international significance.

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