Bringing back the blog for the sake of blog

It’s been really long since I shut down the first blog I created back in 2005. WordPress was running its 1.0.3 version I guess! I made this multi-author blog called ‘The Brain Witness,’ it became quite popular I’d say. One fundamental agenda of Brain Witness was, “It doesn’t have an agenda,” it is a multi-author personal blog simply just for the sake of personal writing; more like an open-diary, a collection of personal thoughts and experience shared with the world. Well that was technically the whole idea of any “blog” then it all began in the internet. Over the time, the definition, purpose, and nature of blogging have been changed and moved to many directions.

For long, I thought of creating a personal website. Making anything personal is very difficult. Writing a CV or making my portfolio is one of the most annoying, difficult tasks, so is making a personal website. I decided not to plan and design, and just launching it. So I did. This is just a simple WordPress theme found randomly, and everything in it is also just cobbled up without any plan. This website might become the one place for anyone who wants to learn more about my works, life and thoughts. Nothing extraordinary here.

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