The Jhol and Jhal in the Burgers of Dhaka

Burger art

The war of burgers 🍔 in Dhaka is intense. It is a verily controversial topic, and people are often deeply emotional or indoctrinated about their choices 🤓

The common tendency of local restaurants is to transform everything into a torkari. They did the same with burgers. They introduced this jhol and jhal that messed everything up; but people are happy with their greasy, cheesy dripping jhol or burning hot jhal in their burgers. It disgusts me 🤢🤮

Even Burger King just gave in; they had to introduce “Creamy” versions of their Cheese Burgers and Whoppers with disgusting mayonnaise to keep up with the epic jhol burgers of Dhaka.

I have seen a few burger and middle eastern food places that refused to give in to the peer pressure of adding jhol and jhal in their authentic items; and they are all struggling.

Bengalis won’t eat anything without the jhol dripping from their fingers, and without burning their mouth with chilli.

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