Why the phrase “search engine optimization” annoys me

Search Engine Optimisation, Google
Image: Shamelessly stolen from a search engine result without citing a source 🙄

The whole idea of search engine optimization is fundamentally lame. As the moral of the story is, search engines are still stupid and illiterate. They need to grow up, and they need to learn how to aggregate the content that I put up on the web the way I want, not the other way around. If they are not crawling my site and not understanding what I have put up, then it is their problem, their loss 🙄.

If my contents are worthy enough, then people will find it no matter what. And the search engines will eventually learn how to find it. If the don’t, then they will die. And that’s why my only focus is creating worthy contents, and not pampering the search engines. I don’t want to waste my time there.

It is all about discipline, it is about the discipline of putting the right text in right order, and optimising the images for better viewing, fast loading, I am up for doing all those just because that’s the right thing to do. But I am not going to listen to all the stupid advises about key words and modifying a writing based on crawlers’ taste. I write for humans. And humans are prioritised in my work rather than the search engine bots.

You better find me, or number your days. It is as simple as that. And true for anyone and any content and business.

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